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If you’re constantly struggling with congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and other chronic rhinitis symptoms that don’t improve with medication, there’s now a better option. Lake Grove ENT offers ClariFix®, the only FDA-cleared in-office treatment for chronic rhinitis, at the Lake Oswego, Oregon, office. The safe, minimally invasive treatment offers long-lasting results and a fast recovery. Book a consultation online or by phone to learn more about ClariFix now.

ClariFix® Q & A

What is ClariFix?

ClariFix is an in-office treatment for chronic rhinitis. Your nasal nerves regulate activities like mucus secretion, so out-of-balance nasal nerves can trigger rhinitis symptoms like itching, sneezing, drippy nose, and congestion. 

ClariFix targets those nasal nerves, interrupting their erratic activity using cryotherapy (cold therapy). That restores healthy nerve function and stops your rhinitis symptoms.

How does ClariFix treatment work?

Before treatment, you'll receive a topical anesthetic inside your nose to make the treatment comfortable. 

After you're numb, your Lake Grove ENT doctor places the thin ClariFix device in the back part of your nose. You might feel some mild pressure and coolness as your doctor delivers the cryotherapy treatment. 

In total, the treatment takes an hour or less. 

Is ClariFix the right treatment for my chronic rhinitis?

If you have chronic rhinitis but don't get adequate relief from medication like pills, nasal spray, or nose drops, your doctor at Lake Grove ENT might recommend ClariFix. In general, it might be a good solution if you have any of the following intrusive symptoms:

  • Frequent drippy/runny nose
  • Frequent nasal congestion
  • Itchy nose
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Poor sleep quality due to nasal symptoms

Talk to your Lake Grove ENT provider about your symptoms and how they affect your life so they can recommend the best long-term treatment for you. 

How does ClariFix compare to other treatments?

Most other rhinitis treatments — including pills, sprays, and drops — require daily use. Many people don’t get good results from those treatments, but they also don’t want to undergo major sinus surgery. 

Sinus surgery involves incisions, tissue removal, and often bone removal, but ClariFix can solve the blockage problem that causes your rhinitis without invasive surgery. 

What is ClariFix recovery like?

Recovery is usually fast, with most people resuming their routine right after their appointment. You might have some increased nasal sensitivity, congestion, and minor discomfort for a short period as you heal.

When does ClariFix start working?

Within two to six weeks, you should experience some improvement in your troublesome nasal symptoms. 80% of people enjoy long-lasting rhinitis relief after ClariFix. 

If you’re experiencing continual rhinitis symptoms and your current treatment is not working, consider a new, cutting-edge approach with ClariFix. Call the Lake Grove ENT office or click on the Internet scheduling tool to book your consultation now.